What to Bring

Well, we can't really answer this question for you, but here are some of our suggestions:

  • Cash money — for more drinks, food, or for some live-printed schwag. Don't miss out!
  • Appropriate clothing — rain jacket, long sleeves, tanks, shorts, etc. It's the mountains — better safe than sorry...
  • Chemical defenses — sunblock, bug spray. Mossies are out in full force! 
  • Your biking stuff — you know, helmets, gloves, knee pads, bike... Pretty essential.
  • Tools and tubes — don't be that person! Be prepared to fix your mechanicals. Even if don't know how to use them, a friendly face will likely help you out. 
  • Food and water — know thyself.


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Registration: 8:00-9:30

Sign in location: Pemberton Distillery, 1954 Venture place.  Please do not park at the Distillery

Riders meeting: 9:30
Wave 1 Start 9:45
Wave 2 Start: 10:00
Wave 3 start: 10:15

Self seeding:

  • If you are fast on the way up and down – put yourself in Wave 1.
  • If you are fast on the way down, but take your time on the way up – put yourself in Wave 2.
  • If you are just here for a Good Time and a day out on your bike – put yourself in Wave 3.

Parking: 1933 Stonecutter Place.  Drive to the Pemberton industrial park, Stonecutter Place is the third street on the left.  There will be signage!


Stage Cut Off Times

Cut off times for all stages provide a bare minimum of time for you to reach the next stage before it closes.  Plan to aim for the stage start at least 30 minutes before cut off. 

                Stage opens              Stage closes
Stage 1        10:30                        12:45
Stage 2        11:15                         14:25
Stage 3        11:45                         14:45
Stage 4        12:15                         15:15

Rest up before stages but please cycle through the starts efficiently.  Plan on a maximum 10 minute rest at the Starts.

The Aid Station will be open from 11:00 - 14:00.

Course Description

Some extra details in here that can't be captured on Trailforks!

-Start: Pemberton Distillery

-Transition: Traverse the Friendship Trail to Mackenzie FSR, climb FSR to Waco Junction.  Turn left briefly on Waco and right onto Nimby.  Climb Nimby to Max Pains. 

-Stage 1:  Max Pains/Back Pains. We will have a marshal at the Max/Back junction to make sure no public are dropping into the trail. There will be another marshal at the little bridge that has a bit of a kick on the end. Both trails have been reworked by PVTA this spring and the corners are a bit different. 

-Transition: Follow Waco Connector towards Mackenzie FSR. At the 4 corners go straight across on the Connector to Linda Road. Turn right onto Mosquito Lake FSR. When you reach the parking lot, take Sadies/Lake Loop trail that goes on the far side of Mosquito Lake back up to Mosquito Lake FSR where you will find the Aid Station. Please stay off the Mosquito Lake FSR around the lake to let vehicles get in and out to our Aid Station. After the Aid Station head up the Access Road taking a left at the No Err/Econoline junction to the No Err Climb. You will find Stage 2 at the No Err sign.

-Stage 2:  Descend No Err.  Stage will end after all the rock sections as you start to transition back over to the access road.

-Transition: Follow the arrows to the left and head back up the Access Road. Take a right at the No Err/Econoline junction. Climb up to Econoline Connector. 

-Stage 3:  Econoline, Smell the Glove Connector, Dark Forest. Be aware that the right hand corner out of Econoline onto Smell the Glove Connector and the left hand corner into Dark Forest are 90 degree turns that should be taken at slow speed, especially the one into Dark Forest. You can go pretty fast down the Smell the glove Connector and that left hand comes up fast! Watch for triple arrows pointing downwards before these corners telling you to slow down. End will be a bit before the junction with Radio Tower.

-Transition: Make your way across Radio Tower towards the creek, across the bridge and up to the left to Crosstown Traffic.

-Stage 4: Crosstown Traffic. Includes the jumps at the end of Crosstown, there are ride around on all jumps. Finish is just before the last two corners before the Mackenzie FSR.


-Pre-riding: Please park at the Mackenzie Basin parking lot to pre-ride the course, it is important that we minimize traffic on the Friendship Trail before race day.

Trail work is ongoing on all stages, please anticipate to see builders as you pre-ride. Anticipate raking on any of the stages.

Aid Station

One aid station on course, located at the far end of Mosquito Lake on the Mosquito Lake FSR.  Riders will pass the aid station once when it is open between 11:00-14:00. Food and water will be available, anticipate providing the majority of your own food and hydration.


Everyone on course has volunteered their time.  Take a moment to thank them.  This is a community event, not an EWS. 


You are expected to assist fellow riders on course.  If a rider requires medical assistance dial the number provided via Facebook and on race day.  There are trained medical personnel throughout the course and on our sweep team.  If an injured party requires urgent assistance dial 911.


📷 : Emma Mostrom

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