Oh drat. I missed nabbing one of the first 150 spots. Can I get on a waitlist?

Yes! You can either email us at womensenduro@porcabikes.com or fill out the form below:

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What comes with my registration?

  1. A sweet course, featuring some of Pemberton's best single track.

  2. Snacks, water, and moral support from our aid station and volunteers.

  3. A kick-ass après, complete with a drink from the Pemberton Distillery and a fully loaded baked potato designed by the Collective Kitchen. All made from Pemberton potatoes!

What was the course like last year?

Check it out here: 2018 Course

Sounds cool, but what if I have to cancel?

Refunds will be available until April 28th for the $60 race entry minus a $10 processing fee. We can't provide you a refund on your $30 PORCA membership, but it all goes back to trails and events. All refunds will be processed at once after April 28th.

Do I have to be shredding the gnar to race?

Not at all! The trails are all (Pemberton) blue and easy black trails, so riders from advanced beginner and upwards are encouraged to give it your best. You’ll have a month to practice and try all the trails, but even if you have to get off and walk a section, don't sweat it — we've probably walked that part before too. 

But what if I do want to shred the gnar?

Go fast.

Enduro. Enduro. Enduro?

An enduro is a type of mountain bike race where only sections of the race course are timed and count towards your final score. Generally, the timed sections are downhill, which means the uphill transitions between the timed sections can be full of cheering, chat, and snacks. 

If that doesn't make sense, there's always Wikipedia to the rescue. 

I've never raced before, but I signed up anyway. What's going to happen?

At the start of the race, we'll release riders in self-seeded waves. If you're fast, start early. If you're looking for a more chill day, start later. This helps reduce the likelihood of passing someone or getting passed during a timed section.

At the start of each timed section, we will release one rider at a time in 30 second intervals. If you're riding with friends and know your speed order, feel free to shuffle yourselves around so everyone has a good ride down.

However, if you find someone coming up behind you this means they are at least 30 seconds faster than you, so be courteous and let them pass once it's safe. If you find yourself coming up on someone, give them a friendly "RIDER!" call out so they can let you pass.

Above all, though, be safe! 

I'm amped to ride and want to train — where do I start?

We're spoiled rotten by the talent of bike coaching we have in Pemberton. Sweet Skills has got your back with women's clinics for all levels of riders, as well a race-specific all-day enduro prep clinic so you can session the trails and practice your game face.

If you're looking to just bike (and bike and bike and bike), come join us on Wednesday nights! More info can be found at our Bike Club website.

Hold up. I heard something about an après?

Yes, 'mam! The Pemberton Distillery will be hosting the after-party again this year, and we have an ambitious team figuring out the rest of the details. Check back for more info!