We're a Bike Club.


A cool one. For women. 

We're moms, daughters, sisters, wives, nurses, engineers, teachers, electricians, therapists, firefighters, accountants, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and presidents. 

And we love riding bikes in the woods.

We foster a fun, inclusive atmosphere, where women can come to learn, challenge themselves, or just relax and ride their bike.


As part of the Pemberton Off-Road Cycling Association, Bike Club has blossomed into a pillar of the Pemberton biking community. One that regularly draws 15 - 25 women every Wednesday night, and has generated so much lady bike stoke that PORCA boasts a 51% female rider membership. (Yes, you read that right.)

After hours, days, and weeks of biking, we're now sharing that stoke in the most social race format possible — the enduro! 

More about Bike Club


That races.

With your $90 race registration, $30 of that is a PORCA membership. Community is everything to us and your membership makes you a part of that. Not only does it give you access to all our events, it contributes towards bigger projects like a bike skills park and youth camps. Additionally, $10 of your race fee goes to the Pemberton Search and Rescue, who provide our on-course first aid.