Curious about last year’s course and event? See the information below to get a sense of what the Spud Crusher is all about.

If you’re looking for the 2018 results — here ya go: 2018 Results


Starting in the Industrial Park at the Pemberton Distillery, ride the Friendship trail out to the gravel pit and climb the Mackenzie FSR to the start to Nimby. 


After climbing all the single track you can handle, enjoy one of Pemberton's longest, fastest, and flowy-est descents down sweet corners, berms, and dirt. 


Boot out towards Mosquito Lake on the FSRs and roads, while chatting with you buddies about how awesome the first stage way. Pass the Aid Station at the bottom of the No Err/ Econoline climb for a pick-me-up. Once you hit No Err, it's rock rolls galore.


Head back up the hill for Econoline — a Pemberton classic with just the right grade to either bust your lungs ripping hard or contentedly cruise along. 


Take the quick transition across the creek, and catch your breath while staring at a mind-blowing view of Mt. Currie. Enjoy your final rip down the fun corners and little booters of Crosstown Traffic. We're taking the hard left down the connector trail down to the FSR (see course notes in Trailforks), so dial in those corners (and jumps!). 


That's the course, folks!

Download Trailforks, load up the full course, and get riding! Stats — 17.3 km of riding, 1041 m of climbing and descending, hours of fun on your bike. Actual distance will be a bit longer since the ride will start from the Pemberton Distillery in the Industrial where you will park and sign in. 

Sweet Skills will be running race-specific clinics. Sign up for them now and get your skills sweetened.